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Airline Fuel Cost and Consumption (U.S. Carriers - Scheduled)
January 2000 - October 2022
*Data in this report goes back to 2000. For previous data (all-carrier summary only), go to Airline Fuel Cost and Consumption (1977 - 1999). For Upcoming Release Schedule and other fuel cost and consumption information, go to Fuel Cost and Consumption.
*For public released data, go to Release History for carrier reporting status.
*October 2022 data are preliminary. Individual carrier information is not available for this time period. Airline fuel costs may be affected by hedging.
*Individual carrier fuel gallons consumed may be skewed due to fuel paid for by another party has been subtracted out to arrive at a reasonable price/gallon cost. Quarterly fuel gallons issued on the P5.1 or P5.2, account Z9210, may be a more accurate database for measuring fuel gallons consumed.
* Note: Use ExpressJet (EV) for Atlantic Southeast (EV) through 2011 and for combined ExpressJet-Atlantic Southeast (EV) beginning January 2012. Use ExpressJet (XE) for ExpressJet (XE) through 2011.
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Monthly Cost and Consumption (millions)Monthly Cost per Gallon (dollars)
SOURCE: Bureau of Transportation Statistics F41 Schedule P12A as of 12/9/2022