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U.S. Department of TransportationU.S. Department of Transportation IconUnited States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation
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Database NameDescription
American Travel Survey (ATS) 1995National data on the nature and characteristics of long-distance personal travel, from a household survey conducted by BTS about every five years.Profile
Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP) 1990The 1990 Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP) is a collection of summary tables that have been generated from both the 1990 census short and long forms. The tables contain information about population and household characteristics, worker characteristics and characteristics of Journey-to-Work (JTW). The CTPP is organized into a series of parts contained with two elements namely Urban and State. The parts define whether the tables are summarizing information by place of residence, place of work or journey to work. Profile
Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP) 2000The Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP) is a collection of summary tables that have been generated from the census long form data collected in year 2000. These summary tables contain three sets of tabulations: Part I - PLACE OF RESIDENCE, Part II - PLACE OF WORK, and Part III - JOURNEY-TO-WORK.Profile
Census Transportation Planning Package 2000 CD-ROM Version - with Beyond 20/20 Access ToolCensus Transportation Planning Package 2000 CD-ROM Version - with Beyond 20/20 Access ToolProfile
Commodity Flow Survey (CFS)Data on shipments by domestic establishments in manufacturing, wholesale, mining, and selected other industries. The CFS is conducted every five years as part of the Economic Census by the U.S. Census Bureau in partnership with BTS.Profile
Motor Carrier Financial & Operating InformationFor-hire trucking companies financial and operating statistics.Profile
Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey (NPTS)The NPTS is a household travel survey conducted every five years that provides data on the amount and nature of personal travel in the U.S.Profile
Automobile Driving Cost vs. Public Transit CostEstimates of annual driving cost for U.S. drivers according to vehicle size/type and miles driven per year and some examples of transit costs.Profile
Automobile Driving CostsIncludes annual driving costs for five vehicles: a compact car , a mid-sized car, a large car, a light truck, and a mini-van.Profile
BTS Omnibus SurveyMonthly survey conducted by BTS to collect information from U.S. households on issues related to safety, mobility, the environment, economic growth, and national security.Profile
Canadian Travel to the U.S.Monthly and annual Canadian arrivals of one or more nights to the U.S. Annual data include province of origin, U.S. states visited, purpose of trip, activities, visitor nights, lodging, spending, and demographics.Profile
Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI)Tracks fatal work injuries by industry, occupation, cause of injury, and worker demographic characteristics.Profile
Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System (CODES)Provides medical and financial outcome information related to motor vehicle crashes. Data include information on injuries, property damage, and medical expenses.Profile
Employment by Industry & OccupationProvides estimates of employment and wages for specific non-farm occupations.Profile
Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS)Census of fatal traffic crashes within the 50 States and the District of Columbia - includes detailed accident, vehicle, and person level information.Profile
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