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Airline Activity : National Summary (U.S. Flights)
 2018 * 2019 * Change
Enplaned Passengers (million)7437805.0%
Departures (000)8,6588,8812.6%
Freight/Mail (million lbs)21,78521,8860.5%
Load Factor (%)84.584.50.0 points
Airlines with scheduled service10099-1.0%
* 12 months ending January of each year
Airline Domestic Market Share February 2018 - January 2019
American 17.8%
Southwest 17.8%
Delta 16.9%
United 15.1%
Alaska 6.2%
Spirit 3.9%
Frontier 2.7%
SkyWest 2.7%
Hawaiian 1.6%
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