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WaterShipments using shallow draft vessel only, deep draft vessel only, or Great Lakes vessel only. Combinations of these modes, such as shallow draft vessel and Great Lakes vessel are included as Other multiple modes. ( Commodity Flow Survey (CFS) )
Weekend TripA trip including an overnight stay on a Friday or a Saturday night. Travelers who stay one or two nights away including a Friday or Saturday night are defined as regular weekend travelers. Those who stay three to five nights away including a Friday and/or Saturday night stay are defined as long weekend travelers. ( American Travel Survey (ATS) 1995 )
West North Central DivisionMinnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas ( American Travel Survey (ATS) 1995 )
West South Central DivisionArkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas ( American Travel Survey (ATS) 1995 )
World Area Code (WAC)Numeric codes used to identify geopolitical areas such as countries, states (U.S.), provinces (Canada), and territories or possessions of certain countries. The codes are used within the various data banks maintained by the Office of Airline Information (OAI) and are created by OAI. ( Air Carrier Summary Data (Form 41 and 298C Summary Data), Airline Origin and Destination Survey (DB1B), Air Carrier Statistics (Form 41 Traffic)- All Carriers, Air Carrier Statistics (Form 41 Traffic)- U.S. Carriers, Small Air Carrier Statistics (Form 298C Traffic Data), Airline On-Time Performance Data, Aviation Support Tables )
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