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Scheduled Departure TimeThe scheduled time that an aircraft should lift off from the origin airport. ( Airline On-Time Performance Data )
Scheduled DeparturesTakeoffs scheduled at an airport, as set forth in published schedules. (same as Departures Scheduled) ( Small Air Carrier Statistics (Form 298C Traffic Data) )
Scheduled ServiceTransport service operated persuant to published flight schedules, including extra sections and related nonrevenue flights. ( Air Carrier Financial Reports (Form 41 Financial Data), Small Air Carrier Statistics (Form 298C Traffic Data) )
Scheduled Time Of ArrivalThe scheduled time that an aircraft should cross a certain point (landing or metering fix). ( Airline On-Time Performance Data )
Seat MileThe aircraft miles flown in each inter-airport segment multiplied by the number of seats available on that segment for revenue passenger use. ( Small Air Carrier Statistics (Form 298C Traffic Data), Air Carrier Summary Data (Form 41 and 298C Summary Data) )
Seats AvailableInstalled seats in an aircraft (including seats in lounges) exclusive of any seats not offered for sale to the public by the carrier; provided that in no instance shall any seat sold be excluded from the count of available seats. ( Air Carrier Statistics (Form 41 Traffic)- U.S. Carriers, Air Carrier Statistics (Form 41 Traffic)- All Carriers )
SegmentA pair of points served or scheduled to be served by a single stage of at least one flight at any given time. ( Air Carrier Statistics (Form 41 Traffic)- All Carriers, Air Carrier Statistics (Form 41 Traffic)- U.S. Carriers )
Segmented TripA trip that includes at least one transfer. ( Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey (NPTS) )
Shallow Draft VesselsBarges, ships, or ferries operating primarily on rivers and canals; in harbors, the Great Lakes, the Saint Lawrence Seaway; the Intracoastal Waterway, the Inside Passage to Alaska, major bays and inlets; or in the ocean close to the shoreline. ( Commodity Flow Survey (CFS) )
ShipmentAn individual movement of commodities from an establishment to a customer or to another location of the originating company (including a warehouse, distribution center, retail or wholesale outlet). A shipment uses one or more modes of transportation including parcel delivery, U.S. Postal Service, courier, private truck, for-hire truck, rail, water, pipeline, air, and other modes. ( Commodity Flow Survey (CFS) )
Small AircraftAircraft originally designed to have a maximum passenger capacity of 60 seats or less or a maximum payload capacity of 18,000 pounds or less. ( Small Air Carrier Statistics (Form 298C Traffic Data) )
Small Certificated Air CarrierAn air carrier which operates small aircraft, and holds a certificate of public convenience and necessity. ( Small Air Carrier Statistics (Form 298C Traffic Data) )
South Atlantic DivisionDelaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida ( American Travel Survey (ATS) 1995 )
Standard Classification Of Transported GoodsA commodity coding system developed jointly by agencies of the United States and Canadian governments based on the Harmonized System to address statistical needs in regard to products transported. (acronym SCTG) ( Commodity Flow Survey (CFS) )
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