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New England DivisionMaine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut ( American Travel Survey (ATS) 1995 )
Nights Away From HomeThe number of nights spent away from home on one trip, including nights spent at the destination, on stops to and from the destination and on side trips away from the destination. Nights away from home are broken into categories including nights at the destination, nights at stops and side trips, and nights en route. ( American Travel Survey (ATS) 1995 )
Non-Revenue TrafficPassengers and cargo transported by air for which no renumeration or token service charges are received by the air carrier. Airline employees, officers and directors, or other persons, except for ministers of religon, who are traveling under reduced rate transportation authorized by 49 U.S.C. 41511(a) and 14CFR part 223, as well as travel agents, cargo agents, and tour conductors traveling at reduced fares are also considered nonrevenue traffic. ( Air Carrier Summary Data (Form 41 and 298C Summary Data) )
Non-Scheduled ServiceRevenue flights, such as charter flights, that are not operated in regular scheduled service. ( Small Air Carrier Statistics (Form 298C Traffic Data), Air Carrier Financial Reports (Form 41 Financial Data) )
Nonoperating Income And ExpenseInterest income and expense, unusual foreign exchange gains or losses, and capital gains or losses in disposition of property and equipment. ( Air Carrier Financial Reports (Form 41 Financial Data) )
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