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Data Profile: Highway Congestion (Urban Mobility Study)
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Highway Congestion (Urban Mobility Study)
The Urban Mobility Study, developed by the Texas Transportation Institute, uses statistics from available traffic data in 68 urban areas across the United States to provide information on trends in levels of mobility and congestion.

Available data series include 1) driver-hours of delay per year, 2) traffic rate index, 3) wasted fuel per year, and 4) congestion cost per year.

Visit the Urban Mobility Study.
The 68 urban areas included in the study were chosen based on which state DOTs were able to provide necessary information.
First Year1982
Last Year2000
   Summary Tables
   National Transportation Statistics
Annual Highway Congestion Cost
Annual Person-Hours of Highway Traffic Delay Per Eligible Driver
Annual Wasted Fuel Due to Congestion
Roadway Congestion Index
Wasted Fuel per Person
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