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Data Profile: Annual Energy Review
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Annual Energy Review
The Energy Information Administration summarizes energy use data for the United States in the Annual Energy Review. The report includes the production and consumption of petroleum, electricity, natural gas, coal, nuclear power, and renewable energy. The Annual Energy Review also contains financial information and environmental indicators.

Available data series include 1) energy production by fuel and end-use sector and 2) energy consumption by fuel.

Visit the Annual Energy Review.
The Annual Energy Review summarizes energy use data for the entire United States.
First Year1949
Last Year2000
   Summary Tables
   National Transportation Statistics
Domestic Demand for Refined Petroleum Products by Sector (Quadrillion Btu)
Overview of U.S. Petroleum Production, Imports, Exports, and Consumption (Million barrels per day)
Price Trends of Gasoline v. Other Consumer Goods and Services
Sales Price of Transportation Fuel to End-Users
U.S. Consumption of Energy from Primary Sources by Sector (Quadrillion Btu)
U.S. Energy Consumption by the Transportation Sector (Quadrillion Btu)
U.S. Government Energy Consumption by Agency and Source (Trillion Btu)
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