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Aircraft Arriving Late: Causes of the Original Delay
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Note: Data are available from June 2003 through August 2021.
Number of OperationsDelayed Minutes % of Total Delayed
Air Carrier Delay 32,1232,554,12561.2%
Security Delay 25920,6260.49%
National Aviation System DelayEquipment11020%
Closed Runway86268,5221.64%
Extreme Weather Delay5,778459,42311.01%
Total Aircraft Arriving Late52,4854,173,154100.00%
Note: Airlines report late-arriving aircraft as a category of the cause of delay when a previous flight with same aircraft arrived late, causing the present flight to depart late. Airlines do not report the cause of delay for the first late flight that caused the second delay. Using data reported by the airlines for other categories of delay causes, the page displays calculations of the causes of delay for the late arriving aircraft category. These calculations use the percentages of delay minutes reported by the airlines in the air carrier, national aviation system, security and weather categories and assign them proportionately to the late arriving aircraft category. The displayed numbers are rounded and may not add up to the total.

SOURCE: Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Airline Service Quality Performance 234 and Federal Aviation Administration OPSNET.
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