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On-Time Arrival Performance
National (April, 2020)
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 Number of Operations% of Total OperationsDelayed Minutes   % of Total
Delayed Minutes
On Time173,96855.51%N/AN/A
Air Carrier Delay4,4981.44%350,22962.76%
Weather Delay2950.09%24,8094.45%
National Aviation System Delay2,8600.91%93,30716.72%
Security Delay280.01%1,2100.22%
Aircraft Arriving Late1,3580.43%88,52215.86%
Total Operations313,382100.00%558,077100.00%

A flight is considered delayed when it arrived 15 or more minutes than the schedule (see definitions in Frequently Asked Questions). Delayed minutes are calculated for delayed flights only.
When multiple causes are assigned to one delayed flight, each cause is prorated based on delayed minutes it is responsible for. The displayed numbers are rounded and may not add up to the total.

SOURCE: Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Airline Service Quality Performance 234
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