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Carriers with annual operating revenue over $20M
(The month selection does not apply to Revenue and Costs and On-Time Summary)Passenger                                                    Cargo
(SY) Scheduled Services OnlyBTS Data as of 5/22/2019
Summary Data (U.S. Airports, 12 Months Ending February)Top Domestic Markets* (March 2018 - February 2019)
RPM 22,808m3,106m10.63%19
ASM 33,437m3,804m10.67%19
Loadfactor81.7%81.7%0.00 pts16
Air Cargo 415,097k8,541k-43.43%13
Markets Served323921.88%
Share 50.41%0.43%0.02 pts19
1 Among 89 passenger carriers for 2019
2 Revenue Passenger Miles
3 Available Seat Miles
4 Air Cargo is the sum of Freight and Mail in pounds.
5 Market share based on Revenue Passenger Miles.
Minneapolis, MN946.68k5.63%
Las Vegas, NV168.02k0.77%
Orlando, FL109.34k0.54%
Los Angeles, CA105.65k0.35%
Fort Myers, FL104.94k2.34%
*   Based on total enplaned passengers at all airports in a city.
** The table shows the carrier's share in each of the markets.
    The pie chart shows each market's share in the carrier's total air passengers.
Monthly Flight Operations (ending February 2019)Revenues and Costs
2017 vs. 2018 (4 quarters ending Q4 of each year)
Operating Revenue (millions)5896164.58%
Operating Cost (millions)5605793.39%
Operating Profit/Loss (millions)293727.59%
Net Income (millions)2827-3.57%
Passenger Yield (cents)29.978.68-12.94%
Revenue per ASM (cents)311.4811.42-0.52%
Cost per ASM (cents)410.9110.73-1.65%
1 When negative in profit or net income, P=Profit in latest period vs year earlier loss, L=Loss in latest period vs earlier profit, and ...=Not meaningful.
2 Calculated by dividing passenger revenue by revenue passenger miles.
3 Calculated by dividing operating revenue by available seat miles.
4 Calculated by dividing operating cost by available seat miles.
Top Domestic Origin-Destination City Pairs * On-Time Performance Summary
* Based on enplaned passengers of all airports for a city pair March 2018 - February 2019.
Domestic Flights, 2014-2019*
% On Time201420152016201720182019Rank**
Avg Delay (min.)***
% Cancelled
Number of Flights (000)
*    March 2018 - February 2019. SY reported 0 months data for this period.
**  Ranked for March 2018 - February 2019
*** A flight is considered delayed when it arrived or departed 15 or more minutes later than the schedule. Average delayed minutes are calculated from delayed flights only.