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Database Name: Small Air Carrier Statistics (Form 298C Traffic Data)
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Note: Over time both the code and the name of a carrier may change and the same code or name may be assumed by a different airline. To ensure that you are analyzing data from the same airline, TranStats provides four airline-specific variables that identify one and only one carrier or its entity: Airline ID (AirlineID), Unique Carrier Code (UniqueCarrier), Unique Carrier Name (UniqueCarrierName), and Unique Entity (UniqCarrierEntity). A unique airline (carrier) is defined as one holding and reporting under the same DOT certificate regardless of its Code, Name, or holding company/corporation. US Airways and America West started to report combined on-time data in January 2006 and combined traffic and financial data in October 2007 following their 2005 merger announcement. Delta and Northwest began reporting jointly in January 2010 following their 2008 merger announcement. Continental Micronesia was combined into Continental Airlines in December 2010 and joint reporting began in January 2011. Atlantic Southeast and ExpressJet began reporting jointly in January 2012. United and Continental began reporting jointly in January 2012 following their 2010 merger announcement. Endeavor (9E) operated as Pinnacle prior to August 2013. Envoy (MQ) operated as American Eagle prior to April 2014. Southwest (WN) and AirTran (FL) began reporting jointly in January 2015 following their 2011 merger announcement. American (AA) and US Airways (US) began reporting jointly as AA in July 2015 following their 2013 merger announcement. Alaska (AS) and Virgin America (VX) began reporting jointly as AS in April 2018 following their 2016 merger announcement.
Schedule A-1This table provides a summary of commuter air carrier activity, by quarter, for such information as scheduled departures, completed departures, revenue passenger miles, revenue ton miles, available seat miles, and available ton miles.
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Schedule E-1This table summarizes non-scheduled commuter charter activity on a quarterly basis, and includes information on the carrier, origin airport, and number of passengers.
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Schedule T-1This table provides quarterly information by commuter air carriers, by origin and destination airports, for such items as freight, mail, and the number of passengers.
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