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Data Profile: Automobile Driving Cost vs. Public Transit Cost
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Automobile Driving Cost vs. Public Transit Cost
The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) provides estimates of annual driving cost and public transit costs for commuters in the U.S. Driving costs are calculated according to vehicle size/type and miles driven per year. The total driving cost is obtained by adding operating costs (e.g., gas and oil, maintenance) to ownership costs (e.g., insurance, registration, depreciation). Annual public transit costs are calculated for several different base fares, parking surcharges, and other surcharges.

Available data series include 1) automobile driving costs by class of vehicle (small, mid-size, SUV, etc.) and estimated miles per year and 2) public transit costs for different fare levels and with various surcharges.

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Estimates are for the U.S.
First Year1990
Last Year2001
  • Data are available for 1990 and 2001 only.
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