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 Intermodal Passenger Connectivity Facts
  • There are more than 7,000 rail, bus, air and Ferry passenger terminals in the U.S.

  • 55 percent of all U.S. passenger transportation terminals offer intermodal connectivity among at least two scheduled passenger transportation modes.

  • Considering only communities served by more than one mode, 75 percent of terminals offer intermodal connections.

  • Rail stations are more likely than terminals of other modes to offer intermodal connections.

  • Airports are least likely to offer intermodal connections.

  • 97 percent of intermodal terminals are served by transit, but only 43 percent are served by an intercity mode.

  • 68 percent of terminals in urbanized areas offer intermodal connections, but only 7 percent of terminals in rural areas.

  • Transit buses are the most frequent intermodal mode, serving 93 percent of all intermodal terminals.

  • Connections are available to at least one other mode or between intercity and transit service at:

    • 83.1% of heavy rail statons
    • 70.2% of commuter rail stations
    • 67.0% of light rail stations
    • 54.3% of intercity rail stations
    • 43.1% of intercity bus stops
    • 42.4% of transit ferry terminals
    • 38.5% of interstate ferry terminals
    • 24.0% of airline airports