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Field NameDescription
Net Income
NetIncome98990 - Net Income, Profit or Loss (-) (000)Analysis
Operating Profit or Loss
OpProfitLoss79990 - Operating Profit or Loss (-) (000)Analysis
Operating Revenues
TransRevPax39010 - Transport Revenues - Scheduled Passenger (000)Analysis
Mail39050 - Mail (000)Analysis
TotalProperty39060 - Property - Freight And Passenger Baggage (000)Analysis
PropFreight39061 - Property - Freight (000)Analysis
PropBag39062 - Property - Passenger Baggage Fees (000)Analysis
TotalCharter39070 - Charter - Passenger And Property (000)Analysis
CharterPax39071 - Charter - Passenger (000)Analysis
CharterProp39072 - Charter - Property (000)Analysis
TotalMiscRev39190 - Reservation Cancellation Fees And Misc Operating Revenues (000)Analysis
ResCancelFees39191 - Reservation Cancellation Fees (000)Analysis
MiscOpRev39192 - Miscellaneous Operating Revenues (000)Analysis
PubSvcRevenue48080 - Public Service Revenues Subsidy (-) (000)Analysis
TransRevenue48980 - Transport Related Revenues (000)Analysis
OpRevenues49990 - Total Operating Revenues (000)Analysis
Operating Expenses
FlyingOps51000 - Flying Operations (000)Analysis
Maintenance54000 - Maintenance (000)Analysis
PaxService55000 - Passenger Service (000)Analysis
AircftServices64000 - Aircraft And Traffic Servicing (000)Analysis
PromotionSales67000 - Promotion And Sales (000)Analysis
GeneralAdmin68000 - General And Administrative (000)Analysis
GeneralServices69000 - General And Administrative (000)Analysis
DeprecAmort70000 - Depreciation And Amortization (000)Analysis
TransExpenses71000 - Transport Related Expenses (000)Analysis
OpExpenses71990 - Total Operating Expenses (000)Analysis
NonOperating Income and Expenses
InterestLongDebt81810 - Interest On Long-Term Debt And Capital Leases, Income/Expense (-) (000)Analysis
InterestExpOth81820 - Other Interest Expense, Income/Expense (-) (000)Analysis
ForeignExGains81850 - Foreign Exchange Gains And Losses, Income/Expense (-) (000)Analysis
CapGainsProp81885 - Capital Gains And Losses, Income/Expense (-) (000)Analysis
CapGainsOther81886 - Capital Gains And Losses, Income/Expense (-) (000) 
OtherIncomeNet81890 - Other Income And Expenses - Net, Income/Expense (-) (000)Analysis
NonOpIncome81990 - Nonoperating Income And Expense, Income/Expense (-) (000)Analysis
Income Before Income Tax
IncomePreTax89990 - Income Before Income Tax, Profit or Loss (-) (000)Analysis
Income Taxes For Current Period
IncomeTax91000 - Income Taxes For Current Period, Credit (-) (000)Analysis
IncomeBeforeOth91990 - Income Before Accounts 9600, 9796, 9797, And 9800, Profit or Loss (-) (000)Analysis
Discontinued Operations and Extraordinary Items
DiscontOps96000 - Discontinued Operations, Income/Expense (-) (000)Analysis
ExtraItems97960 - Extraordinary Items, Income/Expense (-) (000)Analysis
IncomeTaxExtra97970 - Income Taxes Applicable To Extraordinary Items, Credit (-) (000)Analysis
IncomeTaxCredits97990 - Income Before Accounting Changes, Profit or Loss (-) (000)Analysis
Accounting Changes
AcctgChanges98000 - Accounting Changes, Income/Expense (-) (000)Analysis
Carrier Information
AirlineIDAn identification number assigned by US DOT to identify a unique airline (carrier). A unique airline (carrier) is defined as one holding and reporting under the same DOT certificate regardless of its Code, Name, or holding company/corporation.Analysis
UniqueCarrierUnique Carrier Code. When the same code has been used by multiple carriers, a numeric suffix is used for earlier users, for example, PA, PA(1), PA(2). Use this field for analysis across a range of years.Analysis
UniqueCarrierNameUnique Carrier Name. When the same name has been used by multiple carriers, a numeric suffix is used for earlier users, for example, Air Caribbean, Air Caribbean (1). 
CarrierCode assigned by IATA and commonly used to identify a carrier. As the same code may have been assigned to different carriers over time, the code is not always unique. For analysis, use the Unique Carrier Code. 
CarrierNameCarrier Name 
UniqCarrierEntityUnique Entity for a Carrier's Operation Region.Analysis
CarrierRegionCarrier's Operation Region. Carriers Report Data by Operation RegionAnalysis
CarrierGroupNewCarrier Group NewAnalysis
CarrierGroupCarrier Group Code. Used in Legacy AnalysisAnalysis
Time Period Information
QuarterQuarter (1-4)Analysis
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