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Field NameDescription
SalariesMgt00030 - General Management Personnel (000)Analysis
SalariesFlight00040 - Flight Personnel (000)Analysis
SalariesMaint00050 - Maintenance Labor (000)Analysis
SalariesTraffic00060 - Aircraft And Traffic Handling Personnel (000)Analysis
SalariesOther00070 - Other Personnel (000)Analysis
Salaries00080 - Total Salaries (000)Analysis
Related Fringe Benefits
BenefitsPersonnel00100 - Personnel Expense (000)Analysis
BenefitsPensions00110 - Employee Benefits And Pensions (000)Analysis
BenefitsPayroll00120 - Payroll Taxes (000)Analysis
Benefits00130 - Total Related Fringe Benefits (000)Analysis
Total Salaries And Related Fringe Benefits
SalariesBenefits00140 - Total Salaries And Related Fringe Benefits (000)Analysis
Materials Purchased
AircraftFuel00160 - Aircraft Fuel And Oil (000)Analysis
MaintMaterial00170 - Maintenance Material (000)Analysis
Food00180 - Passenger Food (000)Analysis
OtherMaterials00190 - Other Materials (000)Analysis
MaterialsTotal00200 - Total Materials (000)Analysis
Services Purchased
Advertising00220 - Advertising And Other Promotions (000)Analysis
Communication00230 - Communication (000)Analysis
Insurance00240 - Insurance (000)Analysis
OutsideEquip00250 - Outside Flight Equipment Maintenance (000)Analysis
CommisionsPax00260 - Traffic Commissions - Passenger (000)Analysis
CommisionsCargo00270 - Traffic Commissions - Cargo (000)Analysis
OtherServices00280 - Other Services (000)Analysis
ServicesTotal00290 - Total Services (000)Analysis
Landing Fees
LandingFees00300 - Landing Fees (000)Analysis
Rentals00310 - Rentals (000)Analysis
Depreciation00320 - Depreciation (000)Analysis
Amortization00330 - Amortization (000)Analysis
Other00340 - Other (000)Analysis
Transport Related Expense
TransExpense00350 - Transport Related Expense (000)Analysis
Total Operating Expense
OpExpense00360 - Total Operating Expenses (000)Analysis
Carrier Information
AirlineIDAn identification number assigned by US DOT to identify a unique airline (carrier). A unique airline (carrier) is defined as one holding and reporting under the same DOT certificate regardless of its Code, Name, or holding company/corporation.Analysis
UniqueCarrierUnique Carrier Code. When the same code has been used by multiple carriers, a numeric suffix is used for earlier users, for example, PA, PA(1), PA(2). Use this field for analysis across a range of years.Analysis
UniqueCarrierNameUnique Carrier Name. When the same name has been used by multiple carriers, a numeric suffix is used for earlier users, for example, Air Caribbean, Air Caribbean (1). 
CarrierCode assigned by IATA and commonly used to identify a carrier. As the same code may have been assigned to different carriers over time, the code is not always unique. For analysis, use the Unique Carrier Code. 
CarrierNameCarrier Name 
UniqCarrierEntityUnique Entity for a Carrier's Operation Region.Analysis
CarrierRegionCarrier's Operation Region. Carriers Report Data by Operation RegionAnalysis
CarrierGroupNewCarrier Group NewAnalysis
CarrierGroupCarrier Group Code. Used in Legacy AnalysisAnalysis
Time Period Information
QuarterQuarter (1-4)Analysis
All Rows Shown

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