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Search Airline Employment Data by Month

Airlines that operate at least one aircraft with the capacity to carry combined passengers, cargo and fuel of 18,000 pounds - the payload factor - must report monthly full-time and part-time employment statistics to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Use dropdowns below to select a month from January 1990 to the present.

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Group Definition

Major - Over $1 billion annual operating revenue
National - Over $100 million to $1 billion annual operating revenue
Large Regional - $20 million to $100 million annual operating revenue
Medium Regional - Less than $20 million annual operating revenue

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Recent Month Data    Aug-2014

Carrier GroupFull TimePart TimeTotal
Major 457,80897,678555,486
National 27,2331,93929,172
Large Regional 2,1692482,417
Medium Regional 467134601
GRAND TOTAL487,67799,999587,676

Download Grand Total (Historical data)

Excel Click on Carrier Name to download historical data
Carrier GroupCarrier NameFull TimePart TimeTotal
Medium Regional Swift Air11421135
National Vision22610236
Large Regional Avjet1598167
National PSA1,53841,542
Medium Regional KaiserAir562480
Rhoades Aviation dba Transair373875
Large Regional Tatonduk Outfitters Limited27539314
Major United Parcel Service5,3651145,479
Atlas Air1,717171,734
National Air Transport International2601261
Endeavor Air3,6861093,795
Major American56,1746,85663,030
National ABX Air4304434
Medium Regional Ameristar Air Cargo61061
Major Alaska9,3191,29310,612
National Compass1,20301,203
Major Delta70,61110,24580,856
Federal Express113,26650,528163,794
National Allegiant Air2,0843282,412
GoJet Airlines1,10101,101
Large Regional Gulf And Caribbean Cargo97097
National Miami Air International34721368
Major Hawaiian4,2591,0875,346
Medium Regional Caribbean Sun Airlines1649173
Major Kalitta Air999211,020
Large Regional Aloha Air Cargo370106476
Kalitta Charters II1040104
National Lynden Air Cargo1461147
Amerijet International60717624
Major Envoy Air9,0173,58812,605
Large Regional National Air Cargo Group1940194
Northern Air Cargo31813331
Major Spirit3,5384714,009
Large Regional Asia Pacific38442
Medium Regional Prescott Support Company212243
National Polar Air Cargo1561157
Large Regional Florida West68270
National Horizon Air2,5295293,058
Shuttle America1,987902,077
Medium Regional Sierra Pacific142034
National Sun Country Airlines1,0572561,313
USA Jet26241303
Major United73,54011,44584,985
US Airways29,5443,97133,515
Virgin America2,3433292,672
National Centurion Cargo7220722
Large Regional Tradewinds1380138
Major Southwest44,8711,39646,267
Large Regional Island Air Hawaii32131352
National Omni Air Express8241825
Large Regional Casino Express8745132
National Mesa2,05182,059
Air Wisconsin2,2703922,662
Medium Regional TOTAL467134601
Large Regional TOTAL2,1692482,417
National TOTAL27,2331,93929,172
Major TOTAL457,80897,678555,486
GRAND TOTAL487,67799,999587,676

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